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Memon Federation Event

11th Oct(Sunday) 2015 at APMF C.T.T.C CISCO Academy support centre and All Memon federation arrange a workshop on CISCO Academy program and IOE in this workshop following sessions are conducted:

  • CISCO Academy program Introduction by Mr.Asif  Hussain (C.T.T.C CISCO Academy Support centre)
  • IOE session by Ali Gohar (Trainer)
  • Positive use of social media by Fahad Ahmed (Social media  expert)

Near about 300plus girls and boys attend this activity during event question answer sessions also held and audience show their interest in IOE and CISCO Academy program.

At the end of workshop a MOU signing ceremony  between C.T.T.C and APMF held. Director of C.T.T.C Mr.Farrukh Nizami and All Pakistan Memon Federation (Reg. under the act xxI 1860) chairmen Mr. A.Aziz Memon and Mr.Abdul Ghani Bhangda signature on that MoU. As per MoU C.T.T.C CISCO Academy Support centre will support memon community youth to build their career in CISCO and networking. They will support their community needy persons who interested to build their career in CISCO networking field. The Memon community is very famous business men community in Pakistan who strongly believe on social work by this MoU C.T.T.C become only IT training  organization.

Recommend by all Pakistan Memon federation this federation represents near about 42 sub communities and  more than one million memons.


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